Playful Free-Form Embroidery by Laura Wasilowski


64 Pages

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Stitch a story! From the best-selling author of Joyful Stitching, Laura Wasilowski brings 6 new hand-embroidery projects with full-sized patterns and step-by-step pictorial directions. Bright and lively project designs include a whirling paint brush, a dancing bird, tea cups tipping, flowers blooming, a fuzzy sheep, and a happy acorn nut house. With the free-form embroidery approach, you can either follow the given directions, or allow your imagination to run wild and improv your own additions—there is no right or wrong! Plus, no special tools are needed—just felt or felted wool, perle cotton #12 and #8 threads, embroidery needles, and sewing equipment. Start your stitch story! Stitch 6 textured projects with easy-to-follow free-form embroidery instructions Each project features a unique stitch combination, including some wool applique Finished creations are visually stunning art work that can be treasured for a lifetime.

  • Pages: 64
  • Author: Laura Wasilowski
  • Publish Date: 05/25/2021
  • Softcover

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